30 Kasım 2010 Salı

Second Exhibition

ARTER's new exhibition titled "Second Exhibition" opened on 28 November. Curated by Emre Baykal, "Second Exhibition" includes more than 30 new works by 20 artists: .-_-., Halil Altındere, Burak Arıkan, Volkan Aslan, Vahap Avşar, Banu Cennetoğlu – Yasemin Özcan Kaya, Ayşe Erkmen, Hafriyat (Murat Akagündüz, Antonio Cosentino, extrastruggle, İnci Furni, Mustafa Pancar), Ali Kazma, Aydan Murtezaoğlu – Bülent Şangar, Ahmet Öğüt, İz Öztat, Cengiz Tekin and Canan Tolon.

In accordance with ARTER's salient aim of encouraging production of contemporary artworks both nationally and internationally and providing a platform of visibility for artistic practices, "Second Exhibition" focuses on new productions and consists of works that are specifically produced for the exhibition.

"Second Exhibition" departs from the lack so far of sufficient sustainable and institutional response to the urgent requirement for support towards artistic production in Turkey, and proposes a fresh look at the "institution" via new productions it has facilitated. The shared context of these new works is constructed around the concepts of the institution and institutionalisation in a wider framework with art at its centre. Through these new productions, "Second Exhibition" attempts to render visible the tensions and dynamics between the art institution, the artist, the work of art and the viewer from different perspectives.

ARTER – space for art
Initiated by the Vehbi Koç Foundation (VKF), ARTER opened on 8 May, 2010, with the collection-based exhibition "Starter", curated by René Block.
ARTER is conceived as an exhibition space and its programmes are created with the aim of encouraging production of contemporary artworks, providing a platform of visibility for artistic practices, producing and presenting exhibitions curated from the VKF contemporary art collection, as well as from private collections and archives.
Following "Second Exhibition", ARTER will host "Tactics of Invisibility", a collaborative project by ARTER, Tanas-Berlin and T-B A21, Vienna. Co-curated by Emre Baykal and Daniela Zyman, the exhibition was first held in T-B A21 before moving to Tanas where it can be seen until 15 January 2011. ARTER will be the third stop of "Tactics of Invisibility" by March 2011.

Opening Hours
Tuesday–Thursday 11:00–19:00
Friday–Sunday 12:00–20:00
Admission free.
For more information www.arter.org.tr